Special Exam for Students Failing above 40% Subjects

The Federal Minister for Education, Mr. Shafqat Mahmood stated on Thursday while addressing the press conference in Islamabad that consensus has been done on promoting students of class 9th to 12th in next grade based on their previous results.

The promotion will be done based on previous satisfactory performance with an addition of 3% marks in the result, that is based on statistical formula. Students failing in 40% of the subjects will be allotted grace marks for passing but any student having failure rate above 40% will have to appear in special exams. Further he added students not satisfied with their results and those who want to appear in composite examination will be able to appear in special exams.

Students of 10th and 12th shall be promoted on basis of their previous year’s performance in 9th and 11th respectively. He further added that results shall be calculated on cumulative basis rather than calculating subject wise. Students willing to appear for special examination shall register with their respective boards by July 1st, 2020 and exams are expected to be held between September and November.

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