HEC Forces Institutes for Online Classes

Corona pandemic has disrupted every operation in the country so does the education sector. In order to resume academic activities, Higher Education Commission – HEC is forcing universities to start online classes without realizing the need of proper Learning Management Systems – LMS that are absent in many universities. Dr. Nadia Tahir, Managing Director at HEC’s quality assurance agency has written letters to all of the universities to start online classes as soon as possible by setting up online council that would manage online education process.

HEC has provided online education policies and SOPs that are sent with letter defining the draft policy model for universities to setup policies accordingly by their respective decision-making bodies. This draft policy suggests that universities must form a decision-making body that will approve and launch online classes for existing courses of institute. If there’s any discrepancy, universities can form their policies but that has to be submitted with HEC’s accreditation council.

The draft model policy shares three model for execution:

The letter suggests that SOPs must be transparent for online classes by universities and that HODs must ensure faculty to follow those SOPs and meet all requirements of HEC. Faculty deans have to take assurances from HODs and submit it with HEC’s online accreditation council for approval. So, accreditation council can seek feedback from students regarding online classes.

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