Semester and Annual Exam 2020 – Policy by Punjab University
Semester System

In the light of current corona pandemic across country, Punjab University has announced new semester and annual exams policy for year 2020. The official notification by PU addresses students enrolled in semester system to be prepared for conventional as well as online examination that would be MCQ based. The exams are scheduled for 26th August to 6th September for semester wise programs. In case universities are allowed to open before 23rd August, then students will have to appear in conventional / traditional exams otherwise MCQ based online exams will be held.

The notification also shares summer break from 1st June till 9th August that means online classes shall last till 31st May. In case universities are allowed to be opened by government of Pakistan than compensatory classes shall be held from 10th August till 24th August. If a student doesn’t appear in online exam then he/she will have chance to appear in traditional examination, that shall be conducted once university resumes its operations within campus premises.

Annual System

Student appearing through annual system shall also have to prepare for both conventional as well as online MCQ based examination. Annual exams are decided to held in two phases.

Phase I: It will be initialized from 27th July to 25th August in which BA, BSc part II examination will be held, on the other hand MA, MSc Part II and B.com Part II examinations will held from 7th September to 30th September. If colleges and universities are allowed to open before 15th July, then exams shall be conducted in conventional manner, else students will appear through online MCQ based examination.

Students that will not be able to appear through online examination will have chance to appear through conventional exams, for BA, BSc Part II it would start from 2nd December, whereas for MA, MSc and B.com Part II it would be from 4th January 2021 onwards.

Phase II: It will have conventional examinations of BA, BSc, Associate Degree Science, Arts Part I and LLB Part III starting from 1st October. The conventional examination of MA/MSc Part I, B.com Part I, Associate Degree Commerce Part I, LLB (3 years) Part I and II, LLB (5 years) Part I, II, and III will start from 2nd November.

Students of MBA, BBA, M.com, BSCS, MSc IT and other affiliated colleges will have to undergo conventional examination. Remaining examination of any odd semesters or supplementary exams of MBA, BBA, M.com, BSCS shall be starting from 11th August respectively following conventional examination approach. Whereas, even semesters and annual examination of MBA, M.com, BBA, BSCS, MSc IT shall commence from October following conventional examination methodology.

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