Schools to remain closed till July 15, 2020

The Federal Minister for Education, Mr. Shafqat Mahmood stated that government is starting Radio Education Program in order to increase the reach of distance learning program to every corner of Pakistan.

In his interview with a private TV channel, he emphasized that government is taking initiatives to strengthen the tele education system in Pakistan by introducing the feedback mechanism for students. This will also help to improve the educational platforms for higher education too.

As per previous announcements of not conducting board examination and closure of educational institutes till July 15th, 2020, he added that students of class 10th and 12th shall be promoted on the basis of their performance of previous class i.e. 9th and 11th respectively, whereas students of class 9th and 11th shall be given a chance to appear in combined examination of 9th & 10th as well as 11th & 12th respectively next year.

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